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I learn to learn… I like to learn… eLene2Learn. eLene2learn proposes a multi-stakeholder network, exploring and promoting the contribution of ICT and digital media in supporting the development of learning to learn competencies in lifelong learning transitions.  

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Lessons Learnt Report is now available! Download it and discover results of 3 years project and reccomandations drawn for teachers, tutors and policy makers.

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Alessandra Tomasini
Grazie a tutti i nostri studenti e giovani lavoratori che hanno partecipato al Focus group sui soft skill qui in Italia! La capacità di collaborazione e di saper lavorare in gruppo sono alcune tra le soft skill che i nostri partecipanti ritengono cruciali. Sono emersi molti spunti interessanti di riflessione per il futuro. Siamo curiosi di sapere cosa avranno da dire docenti e responsabili risorse umane...la penseranno allo stesso modo? A fine luglio il responso! Thanks to our students and young workers for being with us in FG. Be able to collaborate and work in team were some of the most important soft skills from their point of view. We are curious to know if teachers and HR resposible will have same thinking. Let see at the end of July!
03/07/15 14:45
Karolina Podgórska
We have finished focus groups meetings at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, Poland. Our team has conducted 4 meetings: with students/young workers (25.05 & 8.06) and with business representatives/academic teachers (2.06 & 19.06). The results are interesting and the work on national report is in progress. Both groups of the participants found it difficult to imagine if and how soft skills could be trained. And one tip for the project partners for future focus organization: you can arrange some kind of bonus for students. We, for example, at the end of the first meeting, let the students ask some questions for business representatives (via moderator) about general rules of recruitment process, preparing of cv etc. – all this technical and tacit knowledge During the next meeting students received answers from employers (the answers were collected at the end of first focus with business representatives). It was a little “out of topic” but very fruitful from students point of view.
29/06/15 10:58
Deborah Arnold
A few soft skills here!
A nice little graphic reminder of the life skills students will need when solving thorny challenges in their life beyond school. http://bit.ly/1b7gO2f H/T @dgoble2001
27/06/15 13:37