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I learn to learn… I like to learn… eLene2Learn. eLene2learn proposes a multi-stakeholder network, exploring and promoting the contribution of ICT and digital media in supporting the development of learning to learn competencies in lifelong learning transitions.  

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Lessons Learnt Report is now available! Download it and discover results of 3 years project and reccomandations drawn for teachers, tutors and policy makers.

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Kriszta Mihalyi
We are glad to announce that a synergy paper on eLene4work was accepted both for publication and presentation at the upcoming EDEN Open Classroom Conference 2015 to be held in Athens 18-21 September. The project will be presented by Argiris Tzikopoulos For more information on the conference you may visit:
31/08/15 20:32
Deborah Arnold
Quelques bonnes pistes pour eLene4work...
Compétences professionnelles : « chacun doit apprendre à apprendre »
Compétences professionnelles : « chacun doit apprendre à apprendre »
Alors que Pôle Emploi lance l'Emploi store, point d’entrée unique pour l’ensemble de ses services digitaux et de ceux de ses partenaires, acteurs publics et privés du secteur de l’emploi et de la formation, RSLN a rencontré Caroline Bloch, directrice des Ressources Humaines d…
19/07/15 08:56
Basia Garreta
The UOC team has finished the first round of the Focus Groups meetings with students/young workers (7th July) and with business representatives/professors (8th July) which took place in Barcelona. We are now analyzing the results of the first sessions, which are very interesting, and we will be having the second round on the 21st and 22nd July. Thanks to all the participants!
13/07/15 16:24