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The eLene2learn consortium forms a multi-stakeholder network comprised of Higher Education and Secondary Education representatives, including a wide reaching European network (EDEN) of 200 institutional members. This core partnership is reinforced by an extended network of more than 20 Associate Partners (including secondary schools, regional/national Ministry of Education departments and other government bodies) and other European Projects and Networks focused on ICT and learning. Expertise:

Project management: Vidéoscop-Université de Lorraine has several years' experience in coordinating EU projects, under the previous Socrates Minerva & Lingua II, Leonardo da Vinci and eLearning programmes, including the two highly successful projects eLene-TT (2005-2006) and eLene-TLC (2007-2008). Proactive management techniques combined with rigorous reporting mechanisms and strong relationships with the partners and external evaluator responsible for quality assurance mean that objectives are met on time and within budget, while maintaining a high level of partner implication and motivation throughout..

Dissemination: EDEN, based on its former experience and extensive professional network, has great potential to plan and execute the dissemination and exploitation activities of the project both via the use of electronic information channels (web sites, electronic newsletters and online communities) and via face to face events. All partners have experience of national and international dissemination, running workshops, making presentations, writing academic papers, using web 2.0 dissemination solutions (Twitter, social networks) and mobilising their national networks and contacts for a multiplier effect. Implementation: all the partners involved in implementation have solid experience both of working together and within their local, regional and national communities. This is vital for the success of the implementation activities, the cornerstone of which implies close collaboration with the Associate Partners they each bring to the network.

Quality Assurance: Univ. Dundee, the partner in charge of this WP has specific expertise and experience in this area, and has worked closely with the external evaluator in drawing up the evaluation plan for this proposal. With her wide experience of EU projects both as participant and evaluator, Véronique Maes is perfectly placed to support the project in the role of external evaluator, working alongside the Scientific Committee which brings in representatives from outside the partnership to ensure objectivity.

Exploitation: the three partners involved in drawing up the exploitation strategy for the sustainability of the network after the project lifetime have been chosen for their expertise in the specific areas of this strategy – UN2 as coordinator will ensure overall coherence and is in charge of this area in other LLP projects such as MEDEA2020. As one of the pillars of the exploitation strategy involves a business model for a bi-annual event, EDEN's experience is perfectly appropriate. METID will cover the exploitation of the Web 2.0 environment and Community of Practice

List of partners:

METID - Politecnico di Milano
Université de Lorraine
European Distance and E-Learning Network
ZMML, Universität Bremen
Ellinogermaniki Agogi
Fundació per a la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

University of Helsinki
Maria Curie Sklodowska University - University Centre for Distance Learning
University of Dundee