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During the first two years of the project the eLene2learn network collected more than 60 case studies, where teachers and students of Secondary and Higher Education provide practical tips and indications on their "first hand" learning experiences using ICT and digital media. This "collection" contains two different types of report:

  • The "How to guide" scenarios describe current practices, tools and methodologies used in the application of ICT to develop learning to learn competencies. The scenarios were collected through Focus Group with students and teachers; Download the printable version of the "How to guide"
  • The Case studies report, in detail the implementation of  practices, methodologies and tools used within real classroom settings. Recommendations and suggestions help you assess the benefit of replicating these practices, methodologies, etc. in your own context. These resources are highly valuable as they come from a direct evaluation by  students and teachers involved.  Some of these resources are (also) partly available in Italian, French, Greek, Finnish, Polish, Spanish and German. If the translations  are available, you can find the translations directly on the sub-pages of each case study. (The most recent Case Studies are listed first on the top); Download the printable version of the Implementation Report.

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Multiblog - Case Study - UOC

General information
.Level (age of students) Access to the Univeristy for adult people (over 25 years)
.Discipline / subject / course Spanish Language
.Number of participants 33 students (adults > 25) and 2 tutors
.Category of the tool Blog
.Tool / resource Multiblog:allows each student to manage their own blog in the virtual classroom. Blogs are accessible through the classroom general blog that contains a list of all the students' personal blogs (as a Blogroll). Multiblog is a tool which collects the blogs of all the students in one blog.
.Country Spain
.Language of the tool or resource Spanish and English
.Time plan start date April 22th, 2013
.Time plan finish date May 26th, 2013
.Did you use an example scenario from the initial phase of the eLene2learn project as an inspiration? No
Specific information about given case
.Aim To promote knowledge construction and the writing competence from the use of multiblog as an integrated educational resource in the UOC virtual classroom.
.Objectives Module 1: Communication and language. Phonetics and phonology. Spelling
- To know the process of human communication and understand its elements.
- To discover the world of signs and functions of human language.
- To differentiate concepts such as language and speech.
- To differentiate between sound, phoneme and letter.
- To use correct punctuation and spelling rules.
- To know the characteristics of the abstract.
.Learning to learning (L2L) competences to be achieved 1. Communication (reading and writing)
2. Thinking, problem-solving and decision making
3. Self-management
4. Being creative
5. Motivation and confidence
6. Collaboration
.Proposed activities To understand this case study it's relevant to take into account that the teaching and learning process was carried out a virtual classroom.
Tutors explained in the forum of the virtual class how to procedure during the assignment. Then the tutors presented 2 posts in the general blog with multiblog tool entries related with the contents: comprehension and writing.
1. You have to point out what is the main idea that the author conveys in the text. Is this text expository or argumentative? (approximately 50-70 words) [1 point]
2. What does the expression in the text: "Our responsiveness to nonverbal indicators completely changes our understanding of others" mean? (approximately 50-70 words) [1 point]
3. What concerns the author when he says that "issuers are usually effective and efficient receptors also reverse"? Explain. [1 point]
1. Write a text 150-200 words on one of the topics proposed: [2 points]
2. Explain, with your point of view, the meaning of the phrase "all feel the difficulties inherent to shape a thought that is made of images, emotions and sensations-D".
3. Briefly discuss the special characteristics of human communication. You can lean on some concepts that the text exposes.
Each student will create two posts on his/her blog with the answers to the two posts published in the general blog of the multiblog.
It will enable students to have peer reviewed answers and provide their own feedback.
.Pedagogical approach taken The development of the continuous assessment assignment 1 was presented by the tutor in the forum of the virtual class.
The continuous feedback was given through the forum. As well the forum was used for giving different news related with the development of the course.
.Methods of evaluation Commentary text: Summary, 1.5 points; question form, one point; title; 0.5 points and writing; 2 points.
0.1 points will be reduced for each spelling mistake, vocabulary, morphology or syntax. There will be an assessment of the adequacy, coherence, cohesion and rich expression (vocabulary and syntax).
.Ethical statement At the beginning of the course, researchers let students knowed that they were participating in a Elene2Learn Project.
Evaluation of the outcomes and impact for learners (summaries of feedback)
(with particular attention paid to the initial aims and objectives of the implementation plan and the key competencies developed)
.Summary of student feedback - Usage (max 200 words) In general, students reported that multiblog is useful because they can compare its assignment with peer ‘assignment. They can share ideas. One student also reported that the blog is useful as a portfolio tool (you can save all your exercises in one specific tool).
.Summary of student feedback - Benefits (max 200 words) According to students, the benefits of using the multiblog were:
1- More clarity on the comments received during the continuous assessment assignment by the tutor (26% of students)
2- The involvement / participation of students in the continuous assessment assignment increased (26%)
3- Better communication (among peers and between student and tutor) (15%)
4- Acquisition of knowledge about the use of multiblog (29%)
91% of the students would use multiblog in another subject.
.Summary of student feedback - Development of competencies (max 200 words) The case study mainly focuses on the development of communicative skill. This case study was designed to promote the communicative competency. Therefore there weren't empirical evidences to ascertain the development of the other competences.
Taking this assumption in consideration, we can conclude that 76% of the students agreed that the multiblog allowed them to develop the communicative skills (written).
.Summary of student feedback - Challenges or barriers (max 200 words) 55% of the students highlighted technical problems as one of the main barriers. Less students (8%), identified two other difficulties: lack of clarity in the tutor's explanations and the insufficient number of available resources.
.Summary of student feedback - Improvements that can be made to the activity or the application (max 200 words) The multiblog would need to be translated into Spanish.
.Summary of tutor observation - Usage (max 200 words) Two tutors participated in this case study and each of them had different opinion concerning the usage of the multiblog as a tool to promote the communicative skill. On one hand, one of them considered that it was not a useful tool. He told us that the instructional designed of the course didn't promote the multiblog as a tool to promote the communication. In the case of this tutor, he reported that his expectations on using the multiblog to promote written communication, have not been achieved.
On the other hand, the tutor considered that multiblog was useful to promote written communication skills. From his point of view, he considered that the multiblog had some potentialities to promote this competence because it added value if it is compared to the word-document format. His expectations have been partially achieved because at the beginning of the study he thought that multiblog didn't add something new to promote written communication. At the end of the course he was positively surprised on the good results obtained by their students.
.Summary of tutor observation - Benefits (max 200 words) One tutor emphasizes that the educational use of the multiblog for sharing knowledge and feedback between students is one of the benefits of using it. He highlights that students have learned more on written communication when they use the multiblog because they are aware that, what they write can be read by many other readers. Students realise that their writing is public, then they should be taken it into account in order to write as good as they can.
.Summary of tutor observation - Development of competencies (max 200 words) One tutor reported that the degree of development of communicative skills (written) is not achieved. While the other tutor maintains that it has reached a sufficient level.
.Summary of tutor observation - Challenges or barriers (max 200 words) According to the two tutors consulted, the barriers were:
-Firstly the technical problems and the few technological skills students had to run the multiblog.
-Secondly, the lack of student's participation.
-Finally, the instructional design which wasn't to promote a formative use of the multiblog. To understand this point, it's important to take into account that this case study is contextualized in a specific course for adult people (>25 years old) who want to access to the University. Then the instructional design of this course is very limited in the sense that it's main objective of the course is to pass the exam.
.Summary of tutor observation - Improvements that can be made to the activity or the application (max 200 words) To try to promote another use of multiblog, i.e. to engage students to participate and to collaborate.
To plan a technical training session for the students on the use of multiblog. They are adults and most of them are not familiar with blogs.
Reflection and recommendations regarding the activity and approach used by the teacher, tutor or trainer
.What worked well? (max 250 words) Learning the educational use of multiblog.
.What would be done differently? (max 250 words) The teaching approach of the continuous assessment assignment should be improved considering the integration of the effective educational use of the multiblog.
.Recommendations for other practitioners who may consider using this approach (max 250 words) Teaching training on the pedagogical use of the multiblog in an online teaching and learning process.
In the case that that the learners are adult learners, you should consider if a training session on the technological use of multiblog would be needed