.Final results .Final results

The resources collected here are the results and findings of national Focus Groups, conducted at the beginning of the project. The aim was to find out what kind of approaches and tools could be used in secondary education (SE) and higher education (HE) to ensure and maximise their value in and impact on lifelong learning transitions.

These initial outcomes were reviewed and improved by the project's external Associate Partners, enriching them with feedback provided during implementations and numerous dissemination and collaborative activities giving, as a result:

  • Case studies discover more then 60 interesting practices and methodologies (with practical suggestions) in the application of ICT and digital media in the classroom, to develop learning to learn competencies;
  • Recorded Workshops - have a look at our workshops and seminar recordings, that present  these interesting practices, feedback and suggestions;
  • Filmed Testimonials - explore interviews to teachers and students who took part in the implementations and now discuss their experiences.
  • Lessons Learn Report - take a look on the reccomandations drawn from lesson learnt addressed to teachers and tutors and to policy makers.