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TICE et transitions : "soutenir la transition vers l'enseignement supérieur et lutter contre les abandons en fac grâce aux TICE"

Focus Groups - France Focus Groups - France

In France the Focus  groups began in April and will finish beginning of May. In Higher education  the first Focus group was the 3rd of April in face to face with 15 students. The next will  be on the 26th of April wiht 7 students.
In secondary education 2 vocational high schools (Landres and Montigny-les-Metz) and 2 technical high schools (Lapicques Epinal and Georges de la Tour Nancy)  participate to the focus groups.
The vocational school is a terminal high school, meaning that its graduates shall be prepared to enter the workforce or engage in entrepreneurship but a lot of pupils continue their studies in Higher  Education (BTS HND/Training Certificate or Licence professionnelle). In the first high  School: Montigny les Metz two groups of pupils participated, while in the first group (fit and finish) there where 10 pupils. This Baccalaureate holders mainly work in construction and renovation of buildings sites.

In the second group (Architectural design) the baccalaureate holder is a skilled technician in the field of seating.
In the second high school : Landres. A group of 15 pupils participates to the experience. Those pupils  will become  future autonomous (or non autonomous) unit's leaders specialized in selling of specific products
(clothing, household goods ...). These units can be legally and economically fully independent (small shop), be partially legally independent (eg franchises) or be integrated into a larger point of sale (booth, shop, radius,... as part of a large store, a supermarket, ...) within which they have some management autonomy.
In the  third High School (Georges de la Tour Nancy) the group of 20 pupils studies Sciences and Technology of Management (STG).
The last high school is Lycée Louis Lapicque Epinal and five teachers will participate to the focus groups.