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Studentum (http://www.studentum.nl) (Opens New Window)

It lists all universities and educations in Holland which have been really useful to me. It can be found at www.studentum.nl, and is perfect for all your visitors who are thinking of studying abroad.


eLene-TT (http://www.elene-tt.net/) (Opens New Window)

eLearning network for Teacher Training


eLene-TLC (http://www.elene-tlc.net) (Opens New Window)

The European Network for a Teaching and Learning Centre


eLene-EE (http://www.elene-ee.net/) (Opens New Window)

eLene-EE: European collaboration for improving economics managing in e-learning

eLene Hub

eLene Hub (http://www.elene-centre.net) (Opens New Window)

The hub that collects all the infos about the various eLene projects funded by the EU.