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2012/07/01 - Result of the first project phase, the "How to" guide

In frame of eLene2learn network through Focus Group meetings and the international workshop held in Porto in June 2012, we managed to collect many interesting practices, tools and methodologies in the application of ICT to develop learning to learn competencies.

A total of 47 cases from different countries were described in detail and entered into ‘how to' guide for teachers
in Secondary and Higher Education. From these cases they can learn how to integrate various ICT tools into their teaching with very concrete examples of activities for their pupils/students, which will support learning to learn competencies.
This document is the final ‘How to' guide document but there is also an online version put on the
eLene2learn portal. We hope to collect more interesting cases during the next couple of months, so the current
database is only a starting point.

Explore the cases