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.Studia Przypadków .Studia Przypadków

W ciągu pierwszych dwóch lat realizacji projektu eLene2learn zebrano ponad 60 studiów przypadków, w których nauczyciele i uczniowie szkół średnich i uczelni wyższych przestawiają z „pierwszej ręki" praktyczne porady i wskazówki na temat ich doświadczeń edukacyjnych z wykorzystaniem ICT i mediów cyfrowych. Ten „zbiór" zawiera dwa różne raporty:

  •  „How to guide" jest to zbiór scenariuszy opisujących obecne praktyki, narzędzia i stosowane metody wykorzystywania technologii ICT w celu rozwijania umiejętności uczenia się. Scenariusze zostały zebrane podczas spotkań Grup Fokusowych z uczniami/studentami i nauczycielami w krajach partnerskich; Pobierz wersję do druku raportu "How to guide"
  • Studia Przypadków przedstawiają szczegółowo realizację konkretnych praktyk i metod stosowania narzędzi ICT w edukacji. Porady i sugestie zawarte w ich opisach mogą być pomocą i inspiracją do zastosowania tych praktyk, metod, itp. we własnej pracy dydaktycznej. Unikalną cechą tych materiałów są zawarte w nich opinie i oceny uczniów oraz nauczycieli bezpośrednio zaangażowanych w realizację konkretnych zajęć z użyciem ICT. Niektóre ze studiów przypadków są również częściowo dostępne w językach: polskim, fińskim, francuskim, greckim, hiszpańskim, niemieckim i włoskim. Jeśli tłumaczenie jest dostępne, można je znaleźć bezpośrednio na podstronie danego studium przypadku. (Ostatnio dodane Studia Przypadków są umieszczanie na górze listy); Pobierz wersję do druku raportu „Studia Przypadków"

Oba raporty „How to guide" oraz „Studia Przypadków" można przeglądać/wyszukiwać przy użyciu dwóch rodzajów filtrów: Didactical Benefits (korzyści dydatyczne) i Tagów.

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Computing - Using Virtual learning Environments in School - UoD

General information
.Level (age of students) 16-18
.Discipline / subject / course Intermediate 2 / Higher Computing
.Number of participants 12
.Category of the tool VLE (Social Networking and Collaboration)
.Tool / resource Edmodo
.Country Scotland
.Language of the tool or resource English
.Time plan start date Start date: 01/10/2012
.Time plan finish date Finish date: 10/05/13
.Did you use an example scenario from the initial phase of the eLene2learn project as an inspiration? No
Specific information about given case
.Aim To improve communication between pupils and staff. To develop competences in pupils to enable them to become better organised towards their studies, to plan ahead, to become focused on objectives and ultimately use afore mentioned to raise attainment.
.Objectives Engage pupils in learning and communicating through social media. Allow them to organise their time and access resources from one location.

Allows learners to be proactive in managing their own discussions and collaborating with peers.

Pupils are able to track performance and an increasing trend will make them more confident and motivated to learn.
.Learning to learning (L2L) competences to be achieved • self-regulation
• self-management
• communication (reading and writing)
• collaboration
• motivation and confidence
.Proposed activities The reasoning for the use of Edmodo was to create a point of reference for pupils to discuss, collaborate, organise their studies, submit assignments and track progress. Edmodo has all of these features and more.
Learners were asked questions and asked to collaborate together to create perfect answers. Learners were to complete and submit assignments through the site.
.Pedagogical approach taken Pupils are supported to become familiar with the process/site
.Methods of evaluation Evaluation of Edmodo was carried out by reviewing learner's experiences via the medium of a survey. I self-evaluated the impact on learners using last year and this year (using Edmodo)viewing assignments completed on time, discursive abilities and overall attainment.
.Ethical statement Statement placed at beginning of survey. The survey is completely anonymous for all participants.
Evaluation of the outcomes and impact for learners (summaries of feedback)
(with particular attention paid to the initial aims and objectives of the implementation plan and the key competencies developed)
.Summary of student feedback - Usage (max 200 words) Allowed the teacherto keep track of pupils' progress/accumulative marks over the year. Stored files/homeworks using the 'backpack'. Allowed their teacher to post certain important dates/times as reminders. Increased convenience since homeworks can be handed in digitally.

It returns results in a really accessible way, so you can see how well you've done over the last couple of homeworks

To access homework and communicate between teacher and classmates.

Through handing in Homework and extra tasks as well as questions assigned by the Teacher.

Edmodo has been used in the collaboration of students, the updating of coursework/test schedules and the submission of homework for the subject.

Edmodo has been used to keep track and submit homeworks, as well as being able to put up questions that others in the group have helped answer.

The teacher used it to see homework and general information about the subject and to submit work and to communicate with teachers from home

The teacher used Edmodo for sending in my homework, for finding out when group revision is. I have also used it for polls to help create a timetable for revision classes.
.Summary of student feedback - Benefits (max 200 words) Individual student comments are:
I think it has helped me to communicate with my fellow pupils and teacher when doing work outside of school.

Pushed me to achieve better grades so that my average would improve.

Through the use of an iPhone app checking it daily for new questions.

Edmodo has enabled me to source queries with the rest of my class and teachers. It has also allowed course materials to be easily shared.

It has allowed for a greater ease of access in regards to getting questions answered and accessing resources. It has also been valuable for finding out about dates for assignments, revision classes, etc.

It helped in the way that i found it easier to keep track of homework and upcoming tests. It was also helpful to know that I could put up questions and know that I would get an answer from someone.

The teachers have put up powerpoints on how to do certain areas which i could access at home, this helped with revision. The assignments section helped me keep my homeworks organised which helped with my learning.

Edmodo has helped my learning somewhat as it has helped me with getting homework in. It has helped me with remembering times for revision classes.
.Summary of student feedback - Development of competencies (max 200 words) • self-regulation
• self-management
• communication (reading and writing)
• collaboration
• motivation and confidence
.Summary of student feedback - Challenges or barriers (max 200 words) Pupils comments are:

No challenges/barriers - times 5!

Login could be clearer - it requires you to log on with your email and if your email is long then it would take you a long time to log on.

Uploading files on an iPad as the app wasn't updated until half way through the year

A couple of times I experienced problems connecting to the site but I think this was more due to my own connection at home rather than a fault of the website.

It took a while to work out how to turn in homework on the website, but once I had got it, then I found it an effective resource to have.

I was a bit confused at the start but after I got familiar with the layout I am getting more confident as time goes on.
.Summary of student feedback - Improvements that can be made to the activity or the application (max 200 words) More subjects using them regularly so I can use it to handle my work load more.

More departments & teachers should use Edmodo.

More subjects could use it.

Customization of the layout.

They should introduce a tutorial for helping new pupils with using Edmodo plus encourage usage of some more advanced features and more connectivity between users

I could probably take more time to explore more of the features that Edmodo has to offer and not just those that were used this year within the group.

By using it to go over certain areas as a group at home, to in a way have a class discussion on an area which may be hard to help with revision

Do surveys like this to help evaluate the progress of Edmodo
.Summary of tutor observation - Usage (max 200 words) The trial took place for the majority of the session (Oct until May). Every assignment that they were set was assigned to them using Edmodo. In the time running up to assessments/coursework it was used as a discussion forum to allow pupils to express difficulties towards peers or myself.
.Summary of tutor observation - Benefits (max 200 words) Edmodo allowed me to keep to a tight schedule throughout the session. Pupils were given advanced warning of assignments due, allowing them to plan their time in advance. I found pupil organisation was increased with very few missed homework etc. Pupils were given grades/marks for work completed through even if submitted electronically or not. This allowed for powerful tracking features which noted progression of quality of work spanning the year. A customizable profile for pupils and myself to create their own identity.
.Summary of tutor observation - Development of competencies (max 200 words) • self-regulation
• self-management
• communication (reading and writing)
• collaboration
• motivation and confidence
.Summary of tutor observation - Challenges or barriers (max 200 words) All pupils must have access to the internet at home to allow for a more meaningful experience.
Some pupils found attaching documents for electronic submission to be difficult.
Electronic marking was difficulty and I resorted to printing and using pen.
.Summary of tutor observation - Improvements that can be made to the activity or the application (max 200 words) Improve quality of apps for IOS and Android. They have many bugs.
There is endless scrolling required to find comments etc. from their ‘wall'
Reflection and recommendations regarding the activity and approach used by the teacher, tutor or trainer
.What worked well? (max 250 words) What worked well?
(max 250 words) I found that attainment was increased, pupils were motivated to contribute, I was able to share resources and questions to allow pupils to explore topic in more depth. Allows for access to studies while of holiday or weather closures. I found that there were very few instances of late/missed homework due to pupils having more access to materials and due dates. Pupils more inclined to check the app rather than paper based diary.
.What would be done differently? (max 250 words) I would make more use of the badge system to promote pupils who have made effort and/or produced excellent work.
I would try and remove the use of paper when it comes to assignments, marking paperless.
Explore the use or surveys and polls.
.Recommendations for other practitioners who may consider using this approach (max 250 words) I would recommend the use of Edmodo given it is a powerful tool to track, organised, collaborate and discuss topics with pupils. I have stated many points above and therefore be repeating myself….