Focus Groups - Scotland Focus Groups - Scotland

The University of Dundee in Scotland is hosting 5 focus groups. Meetings are currently taking place and are mostly face to face. The focus groups involve representatives from the following groups:

  •     Secondary schools and professional bodies
  •     University programme directors, tutors, undergraduate and postgraduate students
  •     University staff from student services, widening participation, student operations, recruitment and e-learning liaison
  •     eLearning Research Group.

Initially the University of Dundee is taking a thematic approach i.e. each thematic group is meeting separately, however they plan to bring the groups together in the 2nd phase of the project. Information is being gathered at the meetings though discussion and through an organised activity which focuses on prioritising and developing the list of learning to learn competencies. A short report on the outcome of the activity will be produced. Following each meeting a questionnaire is being sent to all members of each group. The aim of the questionnaire is to gather general information based on the key questions identified by the Work Package leaders and project partners. Each associate partner is also being asked to review an ICT application/tool which has been designed to support the development of learning to learn competencies in the transition from school to higher education. The data will be added into the eLene2Learn project spread sheet.

Scotland Focus Group

Tom Hamilton, Director of Education and Professional Learning for the General Teaching Council for Scotland, discusses definitions of learning to learn competencies with members of the eLene2Learn Secondary Education Focus Group at the University of Dundee.