Focus Groups - Poland Focus Groups - Poland

Three focus groups meetings took place in Lublin, Poland, on the 29th March, 30th March, 2nd April. First group consisted from 9 university teachers (2 of them teach also in secondary schools), second group from 10 SE teachers and in the last meeting 5 university teachers took part.

The subject discussed during the meetings provoked some emotions. Interestingly, all teachers (regardless HE or SE) emphasized the low independence of pupils/students in the organization of their learning process and low motivation to learn, or real study.  As the main reason they indicated the fact that students do not set themselves a clear purpose for studying. Teachers pointed out that most students come to university just to receive a diploma, not knowledge. In students opinion, the diploma will ensure them a stable good job in the future (although for the Polish labour market it is not true anymore). 

This phenomenon leads to lower educational standards, because students want to complete their studies with minimal effort. What is more, the falling demographic factor affects the adaptation to lower requirements for students.

Teachers noticed also the change of their role – from person who possess knowledge to someone like mentor, guide for students. This change is strictly linked with ICT development and wider availability of information and knowledge. Teachers feels not ready, not prepared for this change.

In some extend, the idea of ePortfolio could be helpful in this situation. In our opinion one of the main advantages of ePortfolio is to build a focus on substantive purposes. With the ePortfolio, students will be able to recognize areas of their activities and more accurately plan the development of their knowledge and skills. It will also teachers give an overview on the directions of students developments and needs and can help in planning their lectures.

After the meetings teachers were asked to test one of ICT tool for developing learning to learn competences and prepare scenario of use based on her/his experiences. Results will be shared and discuss during second Focus Group meetings at the end of April.